About TRG Transport Solutions

TRG Transport is one of Australia's leading transport companies, driven by innovation, timeliness and outstanding customer service.

TRG Transport has continued to grow since its initial inception back in 1994. And so today we are one of South Australia’s largest wharf carriers, by volume, experiencing significant growth over recent years.

aboutus_image1In a like manner, our vehicle fleet has doubled in the recent years and has also witnessed the addition of specialised new equipment such as Side Loaders, Tipping Skells and Roll Back Trailers.

But to our way of thinking, such expansion and volumes are simply the by-product of excellent customer service.

That service is what drives us.

And if that has to be summed up in just two words, they are “on time”. After all, what is more important in the transport arena?

Our growth and success is simply the by-product of excellent customer service ... this is what drives us.

aboutus_image2But we also feel that there is more to our business culture than just that.

And so, TRG also has a three part commitment to doing everything that’s possible in our customers’ interest.

A trilogy of standards that span reliability, communication and professionalism.



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TRG Transport Solutions
Reliability. Communication. Professionalism

What people are saying

“No worries, no stress. Tony and the boys handle everything. Job done on time every time. Nothing too big, nothing too small. Client happy & Elite 101% happy”

Andrea Holc
Elite Customs Management
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