Local Cartage

Each day, every day, the TRG Transport fleet carries out a diverse range of local cartage assignments for a very wide and large family of clients. Many of these have been using our services for years. While others are far more recent additions to our ever growing customer list.

In all instances though, the choice of TRG is largely based on our three part business culture that is all about reliability, client communication and professionalism.

For example, we know that:
  • The overriding requirement is about timing. Getting things done when they need to be done.
  • If you deal with such people as major retailers, you will have set delivery time slots at their DCs and stores. These slots have to be consistently and meticulously met. 
  • If delivery is late, loading docks can get congested, vehicles can start piling up and some end customers will refuse to accept the delivery.
  • If your customers work in JIT mode, prompt delivery is again absolutely essential. 
  • In some instances, fines will be applied for late deliveries.
  • For your end customers, if it’s not on time they can incur additional overhead costs or lose orders. 
  • Where unavoidable delays occur, and we can’t rectify them, you want to know immediately. 
  • When we are working on your behalf, our trucks and drivers are essentially representing your business and its reputation.
Above all of that, is what we do behind the scenes. Our operational office staff, for example, are on call to our clients 24x7. So any issues that may arise after normal working hours can be handled immediately. All vehicles in our fleet are fitted with GPS equipment. So we always know where each and every truck is. While driver and vehicle scheduling is in the hands of long term industry specialists. So we avoid delays or unrealistic delivery estimates. And ………  

As we say:
“You worry about your business … we worry about your cartage.”

TRG Transport Solutions

Reliability. Communication. Professionalism

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“Great service provided by the team”

Mick Mecorella
Director Mecorella Group
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