Specialised Transport Services

Many transport assignments, no matter how essential, critical and important, are relatively regular, predictable and straightforward. (Always assuming, of course, that your carrier has the capacity, drive and ethic to get everything done on time.)

However, in contrast to the norm, there are those many special projects that demand an equally special transport solution.

And at TRG Transport, we believe we have an enviable reputation for designing and delivering solutions to meet the unusual, the unexpected and the unique.

In such a context, we proudly reflect on many one-off and ongoing assignments for which we have seriously needed to think outside the square. Solutions we have provided for such things as The Clipsal 500, Disney On Ice and The Adelaide Royal Show.

Clients have included major local organisations. But equally they have numbered interstate promoters and organisers who have wanted to partner with an Adelaide based transport firm that has a potent reputation for delivering what is needed and for getting the job done.

In all such instances, the TRG Transport strength is that we:

  • Are able to very successfully manage demanding specialist and time critical ongoing engagements where getting everything done on tine and to brief is essential.
  • Equally have a unique capacity to handle specialist one-off or once- a- year jobs.
  • Are the ideal partner for interstate organisations which needs someone solidly on the ground, in South Australia, who can be totally depended upon to make things happen.
  • Have an ‘on time’ business culture that is supported by our absolute commitment to reliability and professionalism.

We very much appreciate that for many of the special projects we are assigned too, there can be absolutely no ‘sorry it’s late come back tomorrow’. And so we remain driven by meeting deadlines and such things as handling specialised cargo. 

As with everything we do, one further absolute pillar of our business culture is our commitment to customer communications.

For example:

  • When we begin discussions with any prospective new customer, we wouldn’t send some glib marketing type to run through their standard sales pitch and the almost inevitable ‘dog and pony show’ presentation.
  • Rather, one of our senior managers makes the initial visits, starting off with little more than several blank sheets of paper and a pen. Their objective being to listen and to find out precisely what the possible client wants, the performance levels they require and just how critical the timing would be in the conduct of our mooted assignment.
  • Only after that, did we feel adequately equipped to make our service level commitments and submit our proposal.
  • For many of our sales prospects this is often seen as a refreshing and rather unusual approach. But for us, that’s simply how we do business.
  • But when the assignment is an ongoing one, customer communication doesn’t stop there. Because we ensure that our client’s and our own top executives meet several times a year, at least, to review the service we are providing.
  • The stress we place on each such review session is that they are planned and structured to ensure that they are hard hitting, no nonsense and down to earth working meetings. As opposed to mere ‘hand shake’ and ‘how are you’ types of get togethers.

Also pivotal to such time critical and time sensitive work is our size and substance.

And thus, to give but one very basic but essential example, we can very readily assign an alternate driver in the event that the scheduled operator is unavailable.

Basic indeed. But would you really want to rely on anything less.

TRG Transport Solutions

Reliability. Communication. Professionalism

What people are saying

“TRG are always at call and will always accommodate our requests even with a few hours notice. They have been a saviour to our company. The CEO and staff of TRG always provide their clients with a personalized service.”

Marcello De Blasio
Pacific Star Shipping Agency
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