Warehousing and Distribution

We are only too well aware that ‘logistics’ can consume a huge amount of the dollars that go to make up a product’s final end customer price.

And so the need to maximise efficiency, effectiveness and productivity are all issues that all too obviously keep many supply chain managers awake at night.

For many, the solution to the challenges is to ensure a ‘seamless’ marriage of their warehousing and distribution activities. A very logical, sensible and practical thesis.    

But how to achieve that?

Again, we believe that TRG Transport has created an ideal solution. And once more, a solution that again bases whatever we do on our mantra of on time, reliability, communication and professionalism.

We ensure a 'seamless' marriage of warehousing & distribution.

In marrying warehousing to distribution, we have elected to directly partner with one of South Australia’s leading and independent DC operators.

In forging this potent strategic alliance, we were aware of many factors that powerfully drive the selection of an appropriate warehousing provider. None the least the demand that:

  • Things happen when they need to happen, when they are supposed to happen and when they have been scheduled to happen. In short, factors that all meet our own ‘on time’ commitment.  
  • A requirement that flows through the inbound transportation of stock, its rapid put-away or cross docking, responsive picking, quick dispatch and fast reliable delivery.
  • The warehouse needs to operate in an error free mode. The right stock must be shipped to the right customer, each time every time.
  • Solutions need to be tailored to a client’s own operations so that they, in turn, can deliver value added services to their customers. Such as EDI communication and ASSNs.  
  • As well as handling product, the warehousing and distribution service must deliver information. Data that must be accurate and fully up to date, with effortless month end reconciliations.
  • All clients must have full visibility of what the warehousing and distribution service is doing on their behalf.  
  • Warehousing and distribution need to be seamlessly integrated to avoid delays and mistakes.
  • In many instances, a customer will prefer a single consolidated invoice that reflects both warehousing and transport charges.

In ensuring that our warehousing and distribution services meticulously deliver all of that and more, we also very fundamentally realize that in outsourcing your logistics activities you are placing a huge reliance on a third party.

Which is why we understand that when our 3PL staff are working on your behalf, they are in some small but important way representing your company and its reputation.

TRG Transport Solutions

Reliability. Communication. Professionalism

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Nicholas Whitlock
Panalpina World Transport Pty Ltd.
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