Wharf Container Cartage

As might be expected, our wharf cartage assignments pretty much equally come from highly regarded freight forwarders and numerous clients across Australia.  

For each and every one of these valued clients our overriding focus as we unashamedly keep stressing, is to do everything in our power to execute our assignment ‘on time’.

For our freight forwarding associates, for example, we also know that:

  • Meeting port delivery and pick-up deadlines is essential.
  • There can be instances where we receive late notice or delayed documentation for a particular shipment. And here we do everything in our power to resolve this to ensure transport arrangements are satisfactorily met.
  • Being ‘on time’, will avoid wharf penalty rates and extra fees.
  • It’s essential to advise them immediately when there are unavoidable delays that we cannot rectify.
  • Giving them 24x7 access to our office staff is important as issues can all too readily arise outside normal working hours.

Which can all be summed up in the line:

“You worry about the client … we worry about the transport.”

And likewise for our vast and diverse array of corporate clients. Again on time service is crucial. But we especially appreciate that:

  • If unavoidable delays occur and we can’t rectify the problem, they want to be immediately updated.  
  • As part of that scenario, they don’t want warehouses waiting to unload, with people standing around doing nothing as the container delivery is running behind schedule.  
  • With time sensitive cargo (eg frozen foods) delays have added and obvious implications.
  • Delivery delays can substantially antagonise these client’s own customers. Important customers who may well have JIT requirements, end users waiting on deliveries or the need to effectively schedule the working of their DC.
  • From time to time, there will be a need for a level of service that is distinctly outside the norm. Like suddenly realizing there is a need for 25 containers to be delivered today. To the extent that it’s possible to meet such an extreme demand, we’ll get the job done.
  • Clients also want container pick up, for de-hire, treated as an equal priority to everything else. .

Which can all be depicted in the phrase:

“You worry about your customers … we worry about the transport.”


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