TRG Chain of Responsibility

At TRG Transport, an integral facet of the way conduct our business is summed up in the expression “Chain of Responsibility”.

In the most basic terms, that’s a concept that is all about our responsibility to our clients and our responsibility to our community.

It’s something we take very seriously.

In our view, to do anything less would be compromising our role as a business partner and a corporate citizen. And, as such, it is our ambition to set the industry standards in this arena.

Much of this chain of responsibility has to do with government laws, rules and regulations.

There is no doubt that transport is a highly legislated business to work in. With the past year or two having seen a huge volume of new legislation that affects what we do and how we do it.

But what many don’t realise is that it is the end customer that can be held responsible if their transport company is not meeting compliance standards.

Which, we’d respectfully suggest, is serious food for thought.

So how, precisely, do we set and address these – to our mind – critical chain of responsibility standards?


Well, to give but a few examples, TRG Transport:

  • Ensures it keeps fully up to date with all relevant new legislation and that we understand precisely what this is all about and the implications it has on how we operate.
  • Meticulously complies with all of the most current regulations covering our business.
  • Is NHVAS and Mass Management accredited.
  • Regularly commissions independent compliance audits that we then supply to appropriate government agencies.
  • Is fully covered by all relevant public liability and transport insurance.
  • Ensures all necessary permits are in place.
  • Uses GPS to track our fleet at any time day or night.

All of which involves some considerable time and effort.

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“We have been using TRG now for several years. Their service, ongoing commitment and very competitive prices are part of the reason why Bickford's Australia continues to use this excellent service provider.”

Frank Perrotta
Bickford's Australia Pty Ltd
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