TRG Effective Client Communication

Also contributing to what TRG service is all about is the major emphasis that we place on effective client communications.  

In the first instance, this means that you will always be kept fully informed about the progress of your current jobs.

If there is an unavoidable hold up - like your container not being ready for release or your despatch not being ready for pick up for example - we'll let you know immediately. And with as much notice as possible.

A business approach that means the effect of disruptions can often be minimised and that a hold up in one part of the supply chain does not necessarily have to affect every other link along the way.

And if nothing else, at least you'll always know what in the heck is going on.  

Communication is also about working closely with you to make sure that practically any transport objective can be achieved. Whether it's a particularly urgent delivery. The pick up of a small flock of sheep or a larger herd of camels from the outback. The need to open, unload and re-transport container contents at 1.30 am to ensure a JIT production line can keep operating. Or the shipment of an oversize 'ugly' halfway across the continent.

In all instances , we're always happy to talk it through and then to work out the optimum solution.

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