TRG Professionalism

At TRG, we also believe that when our vehicles and drivers are working for you, they are in some small but important way representing your company and its reputation.

As such, our versatile fleet of prime movers, flat top trailers, b-double combination skells, skells, tautliners and sideloaders are always excellently presented and maintained in prime condition.

An attention to detail that equally applies to our staff. Here, recruitment standards are very high, on the job training includes such topics as customer service and courtesy and we insist that neat and functional TRG uniforms are always worn.

It’s all about our team taking an absolute pride in what they do and sincerely respecting their opportunity to work for you.


TRG Transport Solutions

Reliability. Communication. Professionalism

What people are saying

“In an era where the only edge any company really has over its competitors is service, TRG knows its business. We like to deal with companies we can give instructions to without the need to be continually chasing to ensure the job's been done, TRG fit this bill and tend to under promise and over deliver”

Sharon Freeman
The Mitolo Group
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